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Book Set #1

Nippy Book Set #1: Books 1-3

Nippy Book Set #1: Books 1-3

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Meet Nippy, a curious explorer full of emotions and a magnet for mischief. Along with her friends, kids & parents will discover a whole new world of playful mischief, problem-solving, and adventure.

This is a collectible box set containing: Books 1, 2, and 3 of the Nippy: Magnet of Mischief children's book series. 

In Book #1, Missy Throws a Fissy, we meet Missy, a hungry kitty learning how to use chopsticks for the very first time. Despite her frustrations, Missy learns to keep her cool and be patient as she learns new things.

In, Book #2, You + Me = We, we meet Millie, a cat born into a family of bunnies learning lessons about what it means to fit in, belong, and be part of a family.

In Book #3, The Cheese Made Me Sneeze, we meet Drew as he discovers he’s allergic to cheese. Follow along as his friend teaches him about allergies and how to stay on top of them.

For ages 3+

Printed on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper

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